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Raiding in Legion! \o/

Hey everyone!

The first raid for Legion comes out this Wednesday, and this expansion we'll be raiding with another Alliance guild on Bronzebeard - Learn By Dying, which is led by Kelsin (Shaeldre/ayashi's husband). Some of you will remember raiding with Cake or Death in earlier expansions in order to have a larger raiding pool, and we hope to achieve this again with Learn By Dying, with a few differences, which I will outline below.

We believe this will help alleviate pressure on people who have felt obligated to raid every week (such as healers and tanks) and will also lead to less canceled raids. We should be able to start raiding earlier in the expansion and stop raiding later in the expansion.

So... the important stuff:

- I (Shaeldre) will continue to lead our raids. The experience should be roughly the same with the non-judgmental and mostly chill environment you have come to know in DotA raids.

- Flex raiding can accommodate up to 30 people.

- We're going to see about moving our chat over to Discord. This is an app that combines some text chat capabilities and voice chat. So we can use Discord to communicate with other guild members outside of the game, and can also use Discord for raid or instance voice chat. (The invite link for Discord will be in a separate post.)

- We'll be giving some different raid days and times a shot. For now we'll be trying the following: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm server time (PST) and Sundays 6pm-8pm server time (PST). If these don't work out, we'll readjust them!

- Our first raid will be this coming Wednesday (the 21st). Sign up at http://www.coretheloothound.com.

- For normal raiding, we ask that you get to 825 ilvl on your gear. This may be updated later on with other requirements/more specifics and information about other difficulties.

- We'll be using the personal loot system. (Note that you can now trade any loot you receive through personal loot that you don't need - the item level has to be equal or below what you currently have equipped in that slot in order to be able to trade it, BUT you cannot equip it and then trade it to someone else later).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the officers ASAP!

- Shaeldre/ayashi and Kurai/kurai
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Addon spotlight: CTA Tracker

I've been meaning to do a writeup on this addon for a while!

Taking advantage of Call to Arms -- those times when an incentive is offered to certain roles in the Looking for Group tool -- is a great way to make extra gold and goodies for something you're probably going to do anyhow. But checking 13 different raid wings plus heroic and or/timewalking listing is time consuming.

No more! CTA Tracker is a small addon that checks the LFG listings every 20 seconds, and presents the results in a tidy little list that you can drag anywhere on your screen.


To set it up  all you need to is install the addon, and then either type  /cta in chat or create a macro like the following, which allows you to easily turn CTA tracking on and off (you'll also get a status message in your chat).


CTA Tracker can be downloaded from Curse.com, where there's more information about customizing the various settings.

I hope you enjoy this addon!  Please feel free to post a comment here or whisper Saido/Mirceliade in game if you have questions.
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Mystery Trip 2016

Hi everyone!

To celebrate our 11th birthday, we'll be hosting another mystery trip!

Choose six screenshots from the mystery trip gallery to copy. Put your character in similar clothes with similar mounts/pets/accessories, get into the same (or a similar) pose, and snap a screenshot. Email the screenshots to officers at dota-guild.com with your character name. We'll score the screenshots by accuracy, award points, and then will announce the winners within a few days!

The screenshots
Collapse )

How does the mystery trip work?
Once all the submissions have been received, officers will award points for screenshots. Point values are listed under the cut above.

When do my screenshots need to be submitted by?
Please submit your screenshots by midnight on May 20th, to officers at dota-guild.com

What can I win?
We'll have a host of Hexweave Bags (30 slot bags!) available for the winners.
1st Place: 4 hexweave bags
2nd Place: 2 hexweave bags
3rd Place: 1 hexweave bag
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Raiding Break

Hi everyone!

We'll be taking a break from raiding for a little while - likely until the Legion prepatch. To those of you who were starting to get burned out - enjoy your break! For those who were still enjoying raiding, I'm sorry! We'll get back to it, but it will be valuable to take a break for the next few weeks/months until the prepatch hits to give us all some time to breathe :)
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(no subject)

Doing some information gathering about what old-world content people might be interested in.

Poll #2040746 Mount-Related Achievements

Which of these would you be interested in working on?

Glory oGlory of the [Wrath] Hero (Red Protodrake)
Cataclysm Hero (Volcanic Stone Drake)
Pandaria Hero (Crimson Cloud Serpent)
Draenor Hero (Frostplains Battleboar)
Ulduar 10 raider (Rustbound Protodrake)
Ulduar 25 raider (Ironbound Protodrake)
Icecrown 10 raider (Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher)
Icecrown 25 Raider (Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher)
Cataclysm Raider (Drake of the East Wind)
Firelands Raider (Corrupted Egg of Millagazor)
Dragon Soul Raider (Twilight Harbinger)
Pandaria Raider Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent)
Thundering Raider (Armored Skyscreamer)
Orgrimmar Raider (Spawn of Galakras)

Does Saturday evening (server time) work for you?

No (suggest alternate in comments)
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Kazzak Guild Run Achievement - Friday 26 Feb 6:30 server

We're trying to put together a guild Kazzak run for this Friday at 6:30 server time.

We'll need at least 10 DotA members in the raid to get the achievement, so save a toon if you like and join us! (Friends and significant others very welcome!) Warlocks will be available to summon for those without flying.

You can sign up at either Core the Loot Hound or the in-game calendar, or just be ready to go on Friday.

If you can't make it on that time and day, please feel free to suggest an alternate day/time that would work for you in case we don't get critical mass.)
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Holiday sales ending today

Hey guys :) Just as a heads up, the 50% off sale for pets/mounts (includes all pets and mounts except for Brightpaw and the Mystic Runesaber) and the 75% off WoW promotion ends today, so if you've been wanting any of those, now the time to grab them. :)
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It's a Wednesday post. \o/

Hey everyone! It's Wednesday, because I fell asleep before making a Tuesday post yesterday. :)

Thanks for coming to the Winter Veil party this past weekend! I hope everyone had fun!

As always, tell us what you've been up to in-game and IRL this past week!

Things of note:
[In-Game Holiday] The Feast of Winter Veil continues this week! Wowhead has a great guide, but I posted about some of the highlights here!
[Guild Event] We're doing an in-game DotA Secret Santa! You can sign up here - the deadline is the evening of Friday, December 25!
[Winter Veil Party Photos] Upload your favorite screenshots from the party here!
[Gear & Spec] If you'd like your gear and talents evaluated by your guildmates, post here!
[Weekly Bonus Event] The Draenor Dungeon Event began at 12:01 AM this morning and continues until 11:01 PM on Monday, December 28th!