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Daughters of the Alliance

All-Girl World of Warcraft Guild

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An all-female World of Warcraft guild on US-Bronzebeard.

About Us
Daughters of the Alliance is an all-girl World of Warcraft guild on the Bronzebeard/Shandris server (US, PvE). This does not necessarily mean that all characters are female, but that all people playing those characters are female in real life.

Daughters of the Alliance has a pretty large guild roster with diverse members who play World of Warcraft in a variety of different ways. DotA does not require members to level at a certain rate, play or spec a particular way, or anything like that.

We are an active guild that organizes events, instance runs for various levels, and smaller raids for our higher level members fairly often. Attendance for all of these is completely optional.

Members of DotA are expected to treat other people with respect, guildies or otherwise. Our guild members are just as diverse in real life as they are in game, and any kind of intolerance is unacceptable.

To Join DotA:
Requirements to request membership-
You must be female in real life.
You must have a LiveJournal account.

How to join-
Create a character on Bronzebeard, and join the chat channel dota. To chat in this window you must type "/join dota". When you join then channel you should see something like "You have joined 5. dota" - in this case, 5 is the channel number.
Ask in the dota channel if there's an officer around.
If an officer is online, they will ask for your LiveJournal account name. (note that if your LJ is less than a month old, they may ask that you have a quick voice chat over Mumble).
If you're having trouble catching an officer online, please post a message to this community and we will try to arrange a time to meet up with you in game.

DotA officers are: Shaeldre/ayashi, Ana/procrastinates, Eliina/eliinadk, Jordynna/ninjakoi, Kurai/kurai, Allurien/allurien, Airre/eurii.

Please note that this community is for guild members of Daughters of the Alliance. If you're a girl who plays WoW but is not a member of DotA (and are not interested in becoming one), please head over to wow_ladies instead.

If you prefer Horde to Alliance, please check out wow_doth / DotH!

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