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Raiding in Legion! \o/

Hey everyone!

The first raid for Legion comes out this Wednesday, and this expansion we'll be raiding with another Alliance guild on Bronzebeard - Learn By Dying, which is led by Kelsin (Shaeldre/ayashi's husband). Some of you will remember raiding with Cake or Death in earlier expansions in order to have a larger raiding pool, and we hope to achieve this again with Learn By Dying, with a few differences, which I will outline below.

We believe this will help alleviate pressure on people who have felt obligated to raid every week (such as healers and tanks) and will also lead to less canceled raids. We should be able to start raiding earlier in the expansion and stop raiding later in the expansion.

So... the important stuff:

- I (Shaeldre) will continue to lead our raids. The experience should be roughly the same with the non-judgmental and mostly chill environment you have come to know in DotA raids.

- Flex raiding can accommodate up to 30 people.

- We're going to see about moving our chat over to Discord. This is an app that combines some text chat capabilities and voice chat. So we can use Discord to communicate with other guild members outside of the game, and can also use Discord for raid or instance voice chat. (The invite link for Discord will be in a separate post.)

- We'll be giving some different raid days and times a shot. For now we'll be trying the following: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm server time (PST) and Sundays 6pm-8pm server time (PST). If these don't work out, we'll readjust them!

- Our first raid will be this coming Wednesday (the 21st). Sign up at http://www.coretheloothound.com.

- For normal raiding, we ask that you get to 825 ilvl on your gear. This may be updated later on with other requirements/more specifics and information about other difficulties.

- We'll be using the personal loot system. (Note that you can now trade any loot you receive through personal loot that you don't need - the item level has to be equal or below what you currently have equipped in that slot in order to be able to trade it, BUT you cannot equip it and then trade it to someone else later).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the officers ASAP!

- Shaeldre/ayashi and Kurai/kurai

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