Karen (pyrokinesis) wrote in wow_dota,

Raids for 14-15 February!

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of the raid sign-ups post! We're going to do things a little different this weekend.

Friday @ 6:30pm - Flex Siege: We'd like to start at wing 3 again, depending on sign-ups.

Please keep in mind that while this isn't progression content for everyone, it is for us, so if you have well geared characters that can attend we would appreciate you signing up with both and just mark your alt as preferred. Multiple people bringing lesser geared alts means that we don't kill things and no one gets loot.

As a guideline - we're looking for around 525 ilvl/100k DPS for wing 3. If the majority of sign-ups are somewhat less, we'll go back to wing 1. If you're unsure about your gearing, a new gear/spec post will be up later today. If you know you're shy of that - get thee to LFR! Hopefully the loot gods will be kind!

Saturday @ 6:30pm - Terrace Normal: That's right, we're going back in time, and back to a later time. If you'd like to bring your alts, please do! Keep in mind LFR mins for this one. As ayashi pointed out, depending on sign-ups, we may even do HEROIC Terrace!

Finally, go sign up!
Tags: raid: siege of orgrimmar, raid: terrace of endless spring, raids
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